syqada resetΒΆ

>>> syqada reset 02-demonstrate-failure-handling

removes everything in the batch directory except the METADATA file, ready to re-initialize with syqada batch –step init and run. This is appropriate if jobs need to be regenerated because either the config file or the batch’s template file has changed. If the protocol file or task file for this step has changed, syqada purge is required.

It is equivalent to:

>>> syqada manage 02-demonstrate-failure-handling --reset

The advantage of using syqada reset 02-demonstrate-failure-handling over rm -rf 02-demonstrate-failure-handling/[PRDELo]*, in addition to simplicity, is that syqada reset will check for successful results and ask you whether you really mean it. This has saved the author on more than one occasion when he started to reset the wrong task directory.

Here is what will happen if you run syqada reset on a task that has produced results:

> syqada reset 02-demonstrate-failure-handling/
Checking control directories... ...........
Checking logs... ......................
There are 10 successful outputs. Are you sure?

You are prompted to continue. Y or YES or OK (either upper or lower case) followed by the enter key, will cause the tool to remove all contents of the specified batchroot except for the METADATA file, thus making the directory ready to re-run syqada batch batch-root –step init.