Haploscope Software
F. A. San Lucas, N. A. Rosenberg, P. Scheet

Haploscope is a software package that facilitates flexible rendering of images to aid interpretation of model-based summaries of population haplotypes. Haploscope is designed to accept haplotype frequency input directly from output files of fastPHASE (Scheet & Stephens, 2006), though output from other cluster-based models for population haplotypes could be adapted for input to Haploscope.

Haploscope is a Java program and runs on any platform with Java 1.6 (and above) installed. Haploscope is freely available with a GNU GPL version 3 license (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html). To download Haploscope and accompanying documentation (with a tutorial), please register (so that we can inform users of software updates) below and you will be forwarded to download links.

If you find the software useful, please cite:
San Lucas, F. A., Rosenberg, N. A. and Scheet, P. (2012), Haploscope: a tool for the graphical display of haplotype structure in populations. Genetic Epidemiology, 36: 17-21. doi: 10.1002/gepi.20640.

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If you would like to download the software without registering, please proceed here. If you have any problems downloading the software please contact Paul Scheet (pscheet@alum.wustl.edu) or Anthony San Lucas (sanlucas@gmail.com).