Welcome to scheetlabsoftware.org

This is site hosts tools for bioinformatics from the research lab of Paul Scheet, Ph.D.

Below are our projects:

  1. Haploscope a tool that aids in visualizing model-based summaries of population haplotypes
  2. hapLOH a tool for analysis of loss of heterozygosity in tumor genomes using SNP array data.
  3. hapLOHseq an adaptation of hapLOH that uses sequence data as input.
  4. CIDD a toolsuite for in-silico identication of candidate drugs to treat specific tumors.
  5. vtools (variant_tools) has moved and is now maintained entirely from sourceforge.
  6. SyQADAa KISS tool for managing bioinformatics workflows and running pipelines.
  7. RECUR, an application for comparative analysis of genomic allelic imbalance.
This site is sponsored by Dr. Paul Scheet